Painting became Scott's main medium of choice after graduating college in 2012. While studying at the University of South Florida, Scott met artists Leif Langford, Jon Cornell, Jeff Sheridan, Lauren Wyper, Tim McMillan, Joe Frontel who all largely affected his work in video and sparked his humble beginnings in the medium by oil painting over thrift store paintings. These days Scott uses a medley of techniques ranging from painterly printmaking, collage, and the implementation of Krink paint markers. This chaos of materiality, color, and dark comedy are the main marking traits of an artwork by Scott Draft.

Paintings by Scott Draft - Millennial Affirmations Series
Series: Millennial Affirmations / 2018-2019
Paintings by Scott Draft - Insatiable High Series
Series: Insatiable High / 2012-2020
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Call for Help - 10" x 10" Oil and Acrylic Paint on Canvas
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Pretty Trash - 10" x 10" Oil and Acrylic Paint on Canvas
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