Insatiable High / 2012 - 2020

Named after an incredible record, "An Insatiable High" by Masayoshi Takanaka, this series of paintings are meditations on the insecurity of desire. Each painting revolves around a theme or object I wanted or are based off of stories I heard and people I encountered. The large works in this series work like color field paintings engulfing the viewer's vision. The layering of phrases and words and colors creates a field of chaos that can only be fully uncovered by getting closer and also moving further back. This exercise is similar to what we must do in life when making decisions. Is is worth destroying everything you've built just to start over?  Listen to this album while staring at these paintings to find out. Each painting is variant in size and one of a kind.
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Red Giant - 72" x 48" Mixed Media on Canvas
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First World Problems - 36" x 36" Mixed Media on Canvas
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Beer & Wine Spirits - 16" x 20" Mixed Media on Canvas
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